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12:32pm 11/12/2004
  i don't actually remember what i was going to post about, so instead i'm going to ask: what is the reason for the "y" in the title of this group?  
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11:19am 08/12/2004
  Today is a sad day.

24th anniversary of John Lennon's death.

tribute page

Love goes out to all his friends, especially John Kerry.
02:14pm 02/12/2004
  I was reading the news online at cox.net and an article caught my attention. It was about Target and their decision to terminate their relationship with the Salvation Army. I know that the Salvation Army does raise money for needy people, but the act of boycotting a store that now bans their volunteers from soilicing charity is stupid. It is understandable for a company to sever their ties with a charitable organization after multiple organizations request their help, using the first organization and their involvement as leverage. Target has a policy they are following. And the Target corporation is not, as the article called them "the Ebeneezer Scrooge" of this year. The Target corporation does have ties to other charitable organizations, but will not let them 'beg' outside their door.  
Who knows...here goes... 
12:27pm 02/12/2004
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First of all I would like to say (although belated) Happy World AIDS day to everyone. I know it is not an event to be happy about, but yeah.

I created the journal mostly as a forum for our interesting and eclectic conversations. I want this journal to be a place where we can discuss almost anything. I would rather conversations centered on intellectual fields, or commentary on the media, instead of the everybody/every day kind of stuff. I hope I don't come off as elitest, I just want one place to discuss intellectual things, and only intellectual things.

If you are not sure about a topic, post it anyway.

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